Welcome to Wilczekland – a small place near the northpole, wilczekland is an atopian* resort for a better tomorrow.

Due to the fact that austrias last remaining colony franz-josefs-land was usurpated by russia in 1926, we demand as legal representents of these lost interests, that this land is given to us, in form of a multinational and voluntary group of people, because traditional exotisms like nationalities are overdone by pure fluidity of – in fact solely your – interests.

to become one of wilczekland citizens you simply have to convince us of your true and honest will to be a reliable brickstone and future base of this country – a booming district of the arctic circle – now.

wilczekland welcomes you – the community gathers to meet the representents, stated by the law of nature to guide us – upon the way to a brighter being of humankind -together – the holy emperor kaiser david of wilczekland and lord chancellor zeno of tuitsenpergh.

on certain days, in certain areas – boothes with immigration opportunities will be showing up right next to you – and to guide you over the borders into wilczekland – where we welcome every refugee with every color, religion, nationality and state of mind.

 ( * atopia means the possibility of an utopia right here and now, but it is´nt built until now, where we try to build it with you – yes - you can be the next possible citizen and inhabitant of wilczekland – yes you can – if you convince us of your worthiness.)